Sunday, 3 March 2013

Little update!

Hello everyone :) 

Can't believe it is March already.....time has just flown by! So excited about Spring. The flowers are blooming and there are days where the weather is much milder and the sun shines! Rather exciting. I have been visiting London quite regularly which has been wonderful, I love being over there for a few days and have been visiting lots of exhibitions and art galleries. I went to the V&A last week and to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery all of which were fantastic. This weekend I also went to the Makers Boutique in Brighton which was a craft fair for local sellers with lots of lovely jewellery, handmade cards, ceramics, art etc. If you haven't been already and live in the Brighton area it is really worth going to. There were some beautiful stalls and lots of very talented people. They even have a little tea room at the back which I stopped at with my friends and had some tea and cake! 

My shop has been doing well and I have had quite a lot of orders recently (thanks so much to everyone who has ordered from me) so have been busy making new items for my shop, packaging up orders and taking lots of trips to the post office!! I am also planning on doing some craft fairs during the summer months. I managed to hit my target of getting 100 items listed which gave me a huge sense of achievement. My next goal is to reach 100 sales :). I am currently on 92 sales so am nearly there, going to be a enormous milestone for me and my shop so I am really excited. Thank you everyone who has been buying for me and supporting my little business.

The Dorothy Days Xx

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  1. I know...can't believe we're into March. I'm so happy to hear that your shop is doing well. You are sure working hard and shop is well stocked with many beautiful pieces. I am quite certain you will reach your milestone very soon. Congratulations!
    Handmade Cuties


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