Sunday, 26 April 2015

Dorset Etsy Team - #DorsetTeamTools has launched

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Hope you have all had a great week. I have been busy busy busy this week! Some exciting things are happening in my shop soon. I really really want to tell you all but you guys are going to have to wait a little longer to find out! However, I can tell you all about an exciting project that The Dorset Etsy Team, which I am Captain of, have launched. The project is called 'Dorset Team Tools' and it launched this week which was hugely exciting. The team is made up completely of Etsy Sellers from Dorset, England. The idea is that team members use the same hashtag #DorsetTeamTools and post their photographs of the tools they use to craft their handmade items. We only launched a few days ago but already the response has been wonderful. It is lovely to see the tools which made the beautiful items which I see in the Dorset Team members' shops. The hashtag is running across social media on all different platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Please take a look, there are some wonderful photos and it is being updated with new ones all the time. 

The tools that members are posting are for all different kinds of crafts. There is such a variety of different handmade products in the team so the tools used are really diverse too. There are tools for ironwork, paintbrushes and paints, pliers and metal cutters with gloves etc. 

Today I thought I would share with you all some of the photographs the jewellers in the team have been sharing. There are many more photographs (and I hope to do a follow up post soon) but here is just a very small selection.

(I have linked the shops as well so that you can see the items the tools are used to make. Please click through and have a look, there are some wonderful handmade products)

A selection of jewellery making tools from different Dorset Team members which have been shared using the hashtag #DorsetTeamTools

Lynn from Nemeton makes the most beautiful, intricate beaded jewellery. She posted a selection of her jewellery tools and pliers. 

Sarah from Deliciousbits makes her own cards and jewellery. She posted this photograph of some of her tools and beautiful beads. I love that you can see the finished necklace in this shot too. 

Louise from Platina Jewellery treated us to not just a photograph of her tools but also of her studio and workspace which I always find really interesting. Amazing to see such a wide range of tools which Louise uses to make her jewellery. 

Emma from Mardle Made posted this photograph of her cross-pein hammer which she uses to create bark effect patterns on her silver rings and bangles. I love that Emma has included her hand in this photograph as our hands are the best tool we have as makers.

This is one of my favourite photographs posted so far. The photograph was posted by Grainne from Times to Treasure and the tool is her doming block which is used to dome (cup) little pieces of silver. Aren't the tools beautiful? Someone commented on this photo when it was posted that it looks like a choir and now every time I look at this photograph that is what I see! 

Hope that you have all enjoyed this post. I will post another selection of photos from the Dorset Team Tools project soon but in the meantime, please take a look at the hashtag on social media #DorsetTeamTools to view the other photographs that are being posted. Each seller is an independent maker so, if you can, please share, retweet, comment on etc their photographs. I know that all the makers would really appreciate your support and comments. 

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The Dorothy Days X

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