Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Things I am loving this week...

Well.....last week really but I am still loving them this week too....!

Drinking ginger beer in a beautiful beer garden in Ditchling. The sunshine was beautiful, the beer garden was amazing and the ginger beer delicious! The packaging of the ginger beer was so cute too it made me smile. On the inside of the bottle (you can just about see) when you drink it it reveals a little picture of ginger!

Spring flowers - This is a photograph from my neighbour's garden. The garden is only small but packed full of beautiful spring flowers and it smells amazing! The garden is up from street level so is quite high up when you walk past which means you can smell it even more. It makes me smile every time I walk that way with Rufus.

Rufus! - This rather naughty ball of fluff returned home after nearly 3 weeks away at residential dog camp! Even though he looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth he is a rescue dog with some quite severe behavioural problems. It was lovely to see how far he has come and we were able to go down to the beach and let him play, dig and meet other doggy friends! I love him even when he is naughty but love him just that little bit extra during moments like this!

Easter rabbits! - Apparently you are never too old to receive chocolate bunnies through the post! These arrived just after Easter so was even more of a lovely surprise as I thought I didn't have any Easter treats and then these landed on my doorstep! 

Roast Dinner - A lovely Easter Sunday roast dinner with new friends. What a treat! The roast was amazing and I had my first ever Ham cooked in Coca Cola.....yep....thats right.....ham cooked in coke! It is DELICIOUS! Check out the recipe for ham cooked in cola with maple and mustard glaze here

The Dorothy Days Xx

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