Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I am addicted to Pinterest! - A collection of my Pinterest boards

Hello everyone,

I have to admit, I am totally addicted to Pinterest...

Does anyone else spend hours looking at beautiful photographs on there and pinning? I signed up because I loved how visual Pinterest was. I thought it would be fun to make some boards up but only something I would use from time to time. Like nearly everyone it seems, I very quickly became totally addicted to Pinterest and can spend hours browsing on there. I now update my Pinterest daily and my biggest board, my wedding board, now has nearly 2000 pins!

Here are some of my favourite products and boards that I have created on Pinterest. I had a lot of fun making the boards so I hope that you like what you find

Wedding Board

My wedding board is biggest of my boards and my most popular board (it is also the board which I think has made my boyfriend slightly concerned!)

On this board I pin everything from dresses to cakes and from cars to budget planners! I try to pin a variety of different styles so there is everything from classic to contemporary. From pastel shades to bright colours!

Here you can see some of my latest pins to this board

Follow The Dorothy Days's board The Dorothy Days// Weddings on Pinterest.

Delicious Food Ideas

I don't think you can have a Pinterest account without having a food board of some kind! I have found Pinterest a fantastic place to find new recipes and even made a kitkat cake inspired by a pin I had seen on Pinterest for a friend's birthday. My food board has everything from Avocado Pasta sauce (apparently it is super easy to make and only takes 20 minutes!) to Red Velvet Cheesecake Gelato (OH MY GOD!). There are also some useful food tips like freezing herbs in oil and some really easy ways to make things look super fancy without much skill or effort (perfect if you are not the best of chefs like me!). There's this pineapple flower for cakes which I pinned. It looks awesome but is super easy. I will be trying that one out the next time I have a birthday cake to make!

Follow The Dorothy Days's board Delicious food ideas on Pinterest.

Double Exposure Photography

This is one of my favourite boards and also one of my newest. I love that I can use my Pinterest boards as a way of expressing some of the things that I like and enjoy. Double exposure photography or even multiple exposure photography has for a long time fascinated me. When it is done well it looks amazing. I loved putting together this board and seeing how creative different people were with the multiple exposures. 

Follow The Dorothy Days's board Double exposure on Pinterest.

1930s Board

I have started making boards for different decades starting with the 1920's and currently going right the way through to the 1960s. These are mainly fashion boards but I have also included beautiful items from the period. My 1930's board has some incredibly beautiful long dresses, an amazing red check bathing suit, an art deco silver leaf chest (which I have totally fallen in love with and desperately want for my house!), a 1930's vogue cover and the most stunning orange and brown satin evening gown with exquisite draping. I found it really interesting to see how style changed over time particularly in women's fashion. I am going to try and add some more men's items, photographs from the period and objects to my decade boards soon.

Follow The Dorothy Days's board 1930s on Pinterest.

A crisp day at the coast

Although I love the beautiful warm weather we have been having recently and have been taking lots of trips to the beach, I think my favourite time to visit the beach is when it is cold and crisp so this board was inspired by that. I always think there is something rather magical and beautiful about being down at the coast when it is so cold. I love the sound of the crashing waves and the smell of the sea air.

Follow The Dorothy Days's board A crisp day at the coast on Pinterest.

My Pinterest Profile

I try to add new pins daily to my Pinterest account and currently have 121 boards. I use Pinterest as a visual expression of my personality and what I like and also as a giant mood board/inspiration board for my shop. I hope that my Pinterest boards will be interesting, varied and enjoyable to look at and also tell you a little bit more about me! I am always looking for new people to follow on Pinterest as I love looking at what other people put together as boards. I have seen some wonderfully creative boards. If you pin, please leave me your Pinterest link in the comments section below and I will take a look at your account.

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Thanks for reading

The Dorothy Days Xx

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