Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 minute Etsy shop improvements - Make your shop URL neater

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Lots of people have been saying that they have found my list of twitter hours for crafters, bloggers and creatives useful and a few people have asked when I will be posting more posts like this with tips for Etsy sellers in particular. I hadn't planned to write any more tips posts but given how much feedback and requests I have been getting I thought I would put together some posts for my blog with tips for Etsy sellers. I hope that these might be useful!

It is difficult to know where to start and what tips to give. I could delve into one of the big topics such as SEO but, often it is the smaller hints and tips that make a big difference so I am going to put together a series of 5 minute shop improvement posts. I hope these will be easy and short enough to do but also make a big difference to your shop. I will post one a week so please keep checking back on my blog and share with any Etsy friends you might have that would find it useful.

If you have any requests for a topic you would like tips on please let me know in the comments section below and I will see what I can do!

5 Minute Etsy Shop Improvement #1

How to find your URL and how to make your URL neater

What is a URL?

It is the unique web address that every page on the internet has. For example my blog is http://thedorothydays.blogspot.co.uk

What do I need it for?
*To share on social media
*To refer customers to
*To put on your business cards
*To add to your emails etc

How do I find the URL for my Etsy Shop?

That is easy! Log onto Etsy and enter your own shop. In the address bar at the top (I have highlighted this with the purple arrows) you will find your shop URL. 

You can then either right click and press copy or Apple button and C to copy this link.

How to make the URL look neater

Long URLs make ugly URLs! The web address that Etsy have given me is:

After my shop name Etsy inserts the way in which I came to the page which is why it says 'shop menu' this can be removed up to my shop name and my URL will still work.

You then can use this to refer customers to your shop. 

Advanced Step (really super easy but makes your URL much nicer!)

You could just stop at the step above as you have a fully functioning URL which you can use to refer customers to your shop. However, there is an even better way to make your URL look neater, nicer and to save space but most importantly make it easy to remember for your customers and quick to type if they are copying from your business card to have a look in your shop.

Take your shop name exactly the way it was given to you on the shop URL that you created by following the steps above. So my shop name is The Dorothy Days but the URL puts it TheDorothyDays with no spaces.

Then copy this address below (you could paste it into a word document or straight into the address bar) but insert your shop name with no spaces into where it says 'yourshopname'

Copy and paste this:


then insert your shop name

You then have a neat shop URL which you can share to promote your shop. It is easy for customers to remember and looks much better on a business card than the longer version.

I hope this tip helps, did you give it a go? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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