Thursday, 25 June 2015

Tutorial: Homemade Strawberry Leather Rolls Recipe - Perfect for Craft Fair snack!


I have been searching for a while for lunch box snacks/ snacks on the go that I can make for when I am out and about or travelling so was happy to stumble across this tutorial for how to make leather rolls that are a bit like the 'Winders' rolls. They look fruity and delicious and perfect for a snack on the go! I thought these would be the perfect Craft Fair snacks. When at a craft fair I often skip meals as I am too busy to stop and have something to eat. You don't want anything messy as you might have to stop eating half way to help a customer so these would be a perfect little snack to keep you going. 

The tutorial is really easy and could be done the night before your Craft Fair.

Do you have a favourite snack or food which you take a craft fairs which is easy to eat?

Please let me know in the comments section below 

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