Friday, 19 June 2015

Etsy Craft Party Video 2015 for #EtsyTeamsTV channel

Hello everyone,

At the start of the month it was Dorset Team's annual Etsy Craft Party. Each year Etsy sets a theme for the Craft Party and people across the world get together to craft and create. This year's theme was Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape. The official craft for Craft Party was collaging.We found a room in a little cafe and invited the Dorset Team and other locals to come and join us for some crafting. Everyone brought with them magazines and crafting supplies to make collages with which we all shared. We had great fun making different collages and paper weavings.

The Craft Party was also a very exciting event as we were going to be filming the first ever Dorset Etsy Team video for the new Etsy Teams TV channel on Youtube which has just launched (and you should definitely check out!).The deadline was super tight to be in time for the launch of the channel but Jamie, who is a professional camera operator and editor did an amazing job in filming the event and producing the video.

Please take a look at the video here and see the different interpretations of the theme from diva cats to 3D flowers and from paper weaving to stamping.

What do you think of the video?! Please let us know by using #EtsyTeamsTV

The Dorothy Days Xx

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