Thursday, 26 January 2012

Feature Thursday- The Flying Needles

This week’s featured shop is'The Flying Needles' a shop run by two cousins, Joan and Andy, from Massachusetts. Joan’s daughter also makes some of the hats for the shop so it's very much a family affair! They have a beautiful shop full of knitted items but specialise in knitted baby clothes. My favourite item in their shop has to be this little pinafore set which comes with knitted mary jane shoes, socks and a bonnet. The colour and style of this set remind me of vintage baby clothes which I love so maybe that is what drew me to this set.

Here is a photograph of the little sock that are included in the pinafore cute are they!?
Boo would also love this dog cardigan to keep her snug!

Please take a look at their store. They have beautifully made items at really reasonable prices :).

The Dorothy Days


  1. So gorgeous! I wish I were that talented!!! I looked on their site and I actually really like their little stuffed animals a lot and the crocheted animals that they put on some of the baby clothes - toooo cute!


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