Friday, 27 January 2012

A Vintage Wedding

Today I woke up to find I had been included in the beautiful treasury list called The Vintage Bride's Garden Tea Party. The treasury is beautiful so I thought I would share it with you all :).

I love the idea of having a vintage themed wedding. This summer I am going to my first ever wedding! It shall be a traditional English wedding with a church and reception in a typically English manor house. I can't wait! The bride is having a mixture of new and vintage items for her wedding day and is using vintage tea cups on every table to put flowers in which I thought was such a lovely idea :).


  1. Sounds like my wedding a few months ago! We had a tea party in the garden at a manor house. It was Alice in Wonderland themed, too. :) I collected all the antique china and silver tea things from yard sales & thrift stores for over a year so we had enough for our 50 guests. Click on my name & you should be able to see some of the photos.

    (Andy's daughter from Flying Needles)

  2. The link wouldn't work but your wedding sounds amazing :)!

  3. Our friends got married last year with a vintage theme and they used tea cups as their tea light candle holders, it was adorable!


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