Thursday, 9 February 2012

Feature Thursday- Rockthecustard

Hello everyone :),

Its Thursday today so that means it is Feature Thursday!!! For those of you that are new to my blog (hello!) Feature Thursday is when I choose another shop from Etsy that I have found and love to feature on my blog :).

This week I am featuring a shop from the English/Welsh border which is run by a lady called Eilidh. The shop is called RocktheCustardand sells art prints for both children and adults. 

She has a lovely range of 'Fizzswigglers' monster characters for children but my favourite are the retro style art print with inspirational and humorous quotes :). The typography is beautiful and I love how she will make your print in any colour you would like to match or compliment the colour scheme of your house.

Here are some of my favourite items from RocktheCustard

How lovely are those?! Please be sure to take a look at Rockthecustard :), there are so many beautiful prints.
Rachel from The Dorothy Days (Vintage and Handmade)


  1. I love the fat kid one, I've been saying that for years to my other half. Eilidh is gonna go places I'm sure, I love her ranges!

  2. Just been having a look on Etsy - really pretty shop!

  3. Thank you both for checking out her shop :)
    Best wishes,
    The Dorothy Days

  4. I love those frames first of all, and will be checking this out on etsy. LOVE your blog!

  5. Those monsters are so CUTE!!


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