Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snow day and weekend at home

Well if there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am awful at surprises....I either accidently slip up and mention it or I get far too excited and have to tell somebody! It is very rare that I manage to pull off a proper surprise and my family and friends know this so don't really expect me to surprise them. This weekend I decided to attempt to surprise my family by travelling home in secret and arriving at their doorstep and I actually managed this time to pull it off!! Horray :). I think they were as shocked that I have managed to surprise them as they were actually seeing me!!!

There is nothing quite like going back to your family home. I had a great weekend catching up with my family and having my mums amazing home cooked foods. To make the trip home even better, over night a thick blanket of snow covered the U.K. Even though my two sisters are grown up there were still squeals of delight when they realised it was snowing! It is funny how snow turns people back into little children.

 The blanket of snow covering the English countryside, it makes everything look so beautiful and magical :).
We also made snow angel!!

How are all my U.K followers are enjoying the snow?  A big hello to those of you who are following from across the other side of the world, what is the weather like where you are?

With love 
The Dorothy Days

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  1. Blue skies and snow, a great combination!

  2. How pretty!! I am in New York State, USA and there is NO snow here at all. I love the snow when it looks like your pictures. It has been a weird snowless winter which makes us all afraid for what spring and summer will bring! Loved your post!


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