Thursday, 1 March 2012

Feature Thursday- Anita from ecoPaperie

There is nothing quite like receiving a hand written letter through the post. It has become so rare these day when it's so easy just to send an email or facebook message. Whenever I receive a proper handwritten letter from my family, friends or my partner it always seems really special especially as there is that little bit more effort put into it. I think our generation miss out on what they had in Granny Dorothy's era, beautiful handwritten notes that they could keep and treasure forever.

This week's feature is Anita, a lady from Atlanta, Georgia who shares the same views about how special and lovely it is to receive a handwritten letter. She bought her first ever stationary set in 2nd grade still has it 27 years later!! She makes beautiful handmade stationary from recycled, repurposed and upcycled papers in all sorts of styles from vintage to funky. Here are a few of my favourite sets from her shop ecoPaperie

Here is a set of four handmade cards by Anita. They come wrapped like this so you can also give them as a gift.

This set is really sweet and great for sending to grown up friends who you haven't seen for a while

One of the more funky cards in here collection, such lovely colours.

Please take a look at Anita's store, she has such lovely stationary and surprise someone you love by sending them a little note!

Have a wonderful day
The Dorothy Days (Vintage and Handmade)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring eco-paperie! I am honored to be mentioned on your lovely blog!


  2. What a lovely feature! She has a beautiful shop :)

  3. I agree with you about getting letters and cards through the post. I save all my letters and cards and have so many from years ago. There is a time and place for everything, even emails, but it's so nice to take the time to write and mail something to people in your life and also those who need a "life lift" now and then. I am so much for recycling ... it really does make a difference.

    Happiness to all.


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