Saturday, 21 November 2015

Style Saturday - Christmas Styling

Simply Christmas

Hello everyone,

I am WAAAAAY too excited about Christmas so couldn't resist doing a blog post about Christmas styling today for my Style Saturday blog post. 

I really like this collection as nothing is too obviously Christmas themed (well okay, maybe the Christmas tree!!). This means you can decorate and enjoy the decorations a little earlier in the year and it gives the house a lovely wintery feel.

 This collection would also be fantastic if you live in a smaller house or flat so don't have space to store lots of Christmas decorations. The few added 'extras' such as the moose and reindeers that add the 'Christmas' into this collection could be packed away but the other elements could stay.

 I love the minimalist, nordic style and use of traditional materials like the wood along with more modern and man made materials such as acrylic, steel and plastic.

This collection looks really warm and cosy and light and fresh at the same time. My favourites are the use of branches to make decorations for the table. How easy and simple is that to do but still super effective. I also love the big lampshade as it really completes the room!

The Dorothy Days X

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