Sunday, 22 November 2015

Featured Item - My new house key rings

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Today I wanted to share with you all some new products that went live in my Etsy shop this week.....

I have been working on making some new house key rings for my shop. I made and sold some of my house key rings a little while ago but they were popular and as they are all one of a kind, I almost sold out of them.

This week I have been busy making some new house key rings. The houses that I draw are based on the houses in my village and surrounding area. In my village all the cottages look very similar but each house has their own slightly different features. I wanted to try and keep with what traditionally you think of a house but also include all the little extras that make each house different. So, the key rings have different colour front doors, some houses are tall and skinny, some are wide, some have lots of windows and some have a few and some have flowers growing up the front or chimneys.

I really enjoyed making them and hope that you will all like them too.

To find them in my Etsy shop please take a look at my keyring section which can be found here: Keyring Section

Thanks for reading!

The Dorothy Days X

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