Monday, 18 June 2012

The Great Debate....

Hello everyone,
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I thought it was about time that my blog hosted *drumroll*.......... The Great Debate!

Now you may be wondering what this great debate may be about....politics?! of course!

Britain is famed for being a nation who loves a cup of tea (affectionately know as a cuppa!). Although coffee is also popular, tea is still the nation's favourite beverage with 165 million cups of tea being drank each day in Britain! So the question I am asking you this week is what is your favourite kind of tea and how do you like drinking it ?!


On the surface this may seem like a simple trivial question but it is in face one of huge complexity (one sugar or two!? how is best to dunk your biscuit without it falling apart ?! milk poured in first or after?!) and one which often results in the most heated debates!

So let me know..... do you go for good ol' builders tea, chai with plenty of biscuits or are you a green tea kind of person?! Do you have milky tea or just a splash?!  Heaps of sugar or couldn't think of anything worse?! and most importantly......which biscuits?!

I went through a stage of being obsessed with Chai tea and it seemed to be all I drank but I am now back to good old fashioned tea with no sugar and just a splash of milk! I have been collecting vintage tea cups for years and my own personal collection is now rather large so I now always drink my tea from a vintage teacup. It makes the tea taste so much better and makes me smile! If I am treating myself I also like to have a good supply of biscuits too!! I have a bit of a sweet tooth for chocolate biscuits and also love shortbread biscuits.

Vintage Meakin Tea set
Would be wonderful to hear from those of you in Britain and those of you outside of Britain as well :). Please leave a comment in the comment section and let me know where you are from and how you have your tea!

The Dorothy Days


  1. Hawaii - Plantation Iced Tea or any fruity flavored iced tea. Hot tea choice would be green tea and brown rice sweeteners or milk. I'll eat anything or nothing with my tea. I need a nice tea cup.

  2. I like my tea strong and it has to be in the same mug every time when I'm at home....if I vary the mug it just doesn't taste the same! Janine (Colchester)

  3. I like traditional tea, with a bit of milk, and absolutely no sugar :)
    I really dislike Early Grey, and fruit teas. It's something about the smell and sweetness...

  4. I absolutely LOVE french vanilla tea, I mostly drink it plain (hot) with nothing else but water, but I also love a dab of honey from time to time. :-)

    Tea is a wonderful thing. ♥

    1. Oh wow, that does sound amazing. Not sure if I would find it too sweet but would love to try that.

  5. Hmm, seems I'm the only one liking my tea: Hot, not too strong, with a dash of milk (poured in after) + a little sugar ;) Any shortbread biscuits or something with nuts or oats will do me fine, too. I also like any real fruit teas - you know, not the black ones with flavor, but real reddish teas. Btw - I developed my liking for tea in Australia, but am from Germany now living in the US :)

  6. Yikes, I'm a native New Yorker and we have always used Lipton tea and bags of course. How barbaric we must seem. My dad always finished off his dinner with a hot cup of team with lemon, during the appropriate weather, and Mom and I drink ice tea all day long.

    Happiness always.

  7. Thanks for all the replies and for opening my eyes up to lots of lovely new teas. They all sound amazing!! Shall be trying some new ones soon.

  8. Hello everyone :)

    Thanks to everyone who has responded to this on Facebook as well :).

  9. I'm currently on the Australian Afternoon tea blend that Twinings has brought out here, it's absolutely divine! I'll go back to English Breakfast once they stop selling it (it's a limited edition). Hot, splash of milk and barely any sugar.


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