Wednesday, 16 September 2015

5 things I love about the Autumn (Fall)

1. Lighting the fire. The cottage I live in has a log fire so once it starts getting colder we go to the woods behind the house and collect wood for the fire. Not only is it lovely to have the fire going for warmth but also I could sit for hours watching it. We have a little chair that sits right next to the fire so I take my iPad and in the evenings sit by the fire writing blog posts, tweeting etc

2. Rainy weekends are the perfect excuse to stay in. In the summer time it is lovely to be outside and you feel if you spend a sunny day inside it is a waste but on a rainy day it is perfectly acceptable to stay in and spend the day baking, watching films, listening to music and drinking tea....perfect!

3. Nature! The changing colours of the leaves are one of my favourite things about Autumn. We have this beautiful road near us in Dorset which is lined by trees and in the Autumn I love driving along or going for a walk near as all the trees change colour and it feels rather magical. I also love going for walks in the woods and love the smell of the woods after it has been raining.

4. That people's thoughts start to turn to Christmas. I know everyone moans it is way too early but I LOVE christmas and it is slightly more acceptable to talk about it from now on!

5. Getting out my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. Big warm jumpers, thick tights, boots and bobble hats  are what I love to wear in the Autumn. 

What do you love about the Autumn? Please let me know in the comments section below! 

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