Saturday, 12 September 2015

Style Saturday - Back to School in black, pink and mint

Back to School: Fall Jacket

I know that lots of you are getting ready to go back to school this September so this week for Style Saturday I thought I would do a 'Back to School' themed feature.

The collection includes everything from pretty stationary, an alarm clock so that you don't oversleep and that gorgeous mint wrap around coat!

How to get the look...

Photo Credit:

'I am very busy' poster in mint green by For when you need to remind everyone that it may look like you are procrastinating but you are in fact very busy!

Choies Light Green Lapel Waisted  Double Breasted Trench Coat

Light green waisted trench coat by Choies . Great for when the weather is not yet bitterly cold. 

yeswalker Floral Print Sneakers

These adorable floral print trainers/ sneakers in mint green with pink flowers by Yes Style

LUCLUC Black London Style Metallic Backpacks Expandable Bags

This black London Style expandable backpack by LucLuc. Useful for carrying your books around campus or school. It has a lovely 'chain' trim and is waterproof (hooray for dry books and homework!)

Good luck to all my followers who are going back to school, university, college etc and I hope that you enjoyed reading my Style Saturday post. I run this post every Saturday with different themes so please check out next week's. If you haven't already seen last week's Style Saturday post you can find it here...

Have a great weekend!

The Dorothy Days X

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