Saturday, 19 September 2015

Style Saturday - Street Style Trend

Casual Street Style
Hello everyone,

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend so far. Recently I have been posting a lot of Style Saturday posts with light pastel colours so today I thought I would share with you something a little bit different.

I really like the fringe shorts. You can either buy shorts like this or up cycle some of your old jeans. Lots of my jeans are getting a bit past their best and have holes in the knees so I have been cutting them into shorts like these. The 'Mean Girl' style t-shirt is fun and could easily to swapped for another top in a similar style but still work with this outfit. I really like the big headphones, perfect for commuting or travelling around the city but most of all I love the trainers. This look would be really easy to recreate as it uses monochrome with a splash of red and each of the items could be used as part of a different outfit and made to look totally different.

Get the look....

Fringe shorts
£21 -

Adidas Originals red shoes
£63 -

Valentino leather cuff bracelet
£190 -

Forever 21 hair accessory
£0.97 -

Preppy Girl's Top
£12 -

Nixon Stylus Headphones
£34 -

The Dorothy Days X

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