Friday, 11 September 2015

Five things: Five cool art vines that I am loving this week

Hey everyone,

A little while ago I posted a blog post on Vines (you can view it here if you haven't already). This week I have been watching lots of the art vines which have been uploaded. There are some amazingly creative vines that have been shared and I really enjoyed watching. I thought today I would share with you all some of my favourites.


1) The more you watch it, the more beautiful this gets. This piece is called 'Water Cycle' by Xaviera Lopez

2) This video is even better with the sound turned on. I love the dancing hot dogs! By Alicia Herber

3) Love the retro style colours in this one by Sammy Slabbinck

4) 'The one who things with chaos thinks big' by Hampus Hagman

5) *Some flashing light in this one*

Hope you enjoyed this post

Thanks for reading

The Dorothy Days X

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