Saturday, 5 September 2015

Style Saturday - Industrial and copper bathroom design ideas

Not So Boring Bathroom

Today I was thinking about what to do for my Style Saturday post and I was thinking of my friend who has recently moved into a new home with her boyfriend and they are together doing the house up. They have been looking for different ideas on how they could decorate. We were talking about the bathroom and what sort of style she could create the bathroom in but has been feeling quite uninspired by lots of the bathrooms which she has seen in DIY showrooms and wants something a little different. Who said that bathrooms had to be clean white lines?! So, we have been looking into different bathroom designs recently and I love this one and want to try and persuade her to do something similar in her home!

This would require quite a large bathroom (which they have) and they could look at creative ways to do this on a tighter budget. I love the cabinet and console as they provide lots of storage. The cabinet could perhaps store the bathroom towels, candles, nice room sprays, un-opened toiletries and jewellery. All the bathroom things that look quite nice on display. The console could then be used in a more practical way as storage. 

I love the whitewash brick wallpaper design as it is a great way of adding some character to the house  and texture to the walls without having too much pattern or colour which would detract from the fittings and furniture.

The copper bathtub is stunning but could also work well if it was a white roll top bath. The copper with the grey industrial style cabinets and the white work really well. If you were unable to buy the copper you can of course add copper elements in elsewhere in the room. This could even be as simple as plant pots painted in copper or the pipping being on show.

What do you think?! Is this a look that you like and what are your ideas for doing this cheaply?

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