Sunday, 6 September 2015

Item of the week: 'Wool Ball' necklace

Hello everyone,

Wanted to share with you all my 'Item of the week' from my Etsy shop. I have been working hard recently on making lots of new things for my shop (particularly necklaces). I made a range of necklaces with pearls and crystals and glass beads which I recently launched. The necklaces are mainly in light colours; pinks, light blues, clear and white. I love the new collection but also wanted to make something completely the other end of the spectrum so.....introducing my new 'Wool Ball' necklaces!

Each colour mix is one of a kind and I made some in bright colours link the one shown above and some in more muted colours.

I think this one is my favourite colour combination in my shop at the moment (although I keep changing my mind!!)

Hope that you all like them too, I had a lot of fun making them.

Find this 'wool ball' necklace over in my Etsy shop by clicking here

The Dorothy Days X

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