Friday, 18 May 2012

The Dorothy Days features....Shannon from Swiemann

Hi everyone,
It's feature Friday! For those who don't know feature Friday is when I scour Etsy to find the best shops and sellers and feature my favourites on here each week.

This week I am featuring Shannon and her fabulously vintage shop,  Swiemann.

Shannon in a 23 year old from Florida. She works as a computer programmers and has just gradauted from her masters degree in Information Systems (a massive well done!!).

Although she loves what she does the analytical nature of her work means that she craves a creative outlet and for Shannon this is her vintage shop. She has been running her Etsy shop since 2011 and sells a beautiful range of vintage clothing.

Shannon runs the shop single handedly, she purchases, researches, lists, measures and photographs all of her own stock as well as modelling for all of her own photographs!

She says that she loves selling on Etsy and that she "wouldn't trade in the friendships and connections I make through etsy for anything!"

Here are some of my favourite items from her beautiful shop:

I love this electric blue prom dress. It has just the perfect amount of sequins and the combination of a tight bodice and a loose floating skirt mean it is really flattering. Shannon says "the blue sequin prom dress is absolutely show stopping" and she is right, you really would turn heads wearing this. Click here to view it

A lovely 1980's gold and green dress Click here to view

I love this 70's bikini with bright floral patterns and high waisted bottoms. Shannon says The retro swimsuit screams "I'm fabulous and I know it!!" Click here to view

Please take a look at her shop, she has some lovely items in it and ships worldwide.

Hope you have all enjoyed the feature.

Have a great weekend.
The Dorothy Days X
(Vintage and Handmade from England)


  1. what a great shop, I really love that blue dress!

  2. Great feature. Love the green and gold dress.

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments and thank you for taking a look in Shannon's shop.

  4. Love the Prom Dress. Looks like something I would wear in my younger days.

  5. Her pictures are just fabulous. I think my favorite is the 80's green and gold mini number. Meow!

  6. Looks like she has a lovely variety of pieces to choose from!

  7. Thank you SO much for featuring my shop! I am absolutely honored and flattered! :)

    You have brightened my day! :) :)
    Also, thanks to everyone for the sweet comments. :)


  8. Great feature of Shannon's shop!
    And 'hi' from your latest follower sent from BloggingBuddies and (possibly) TheInteractiveBloggingTeam to which I just applied ;).
    I'd love for you to stop by my blog, too

  9. Great feature! I love those darker dresses with the gold. Thanks for linking up with me. :)

  10. Great photos!
    Fascinating fashion!

  11. Thank you for all the lovely comments :) and I am glad that you have all enjoyed the feature.

    Shannon- You are welcome and I am so glad to hear that it brightened your day. That has put a big smile on my face!

    Rachel X

  12. Very nice feature! Shannon's photos are fun!
    Tried to follow you via Google Friend Connect, but it didn't work. So, you're in my bloglovin list now!

  13. Nauli- Thanks for putting me on your bloglovin list :). That is really strange that you couldn't follow me by Friend connect. Maybe try again today but if not let me know as there must be a problem with it :S.

    Hopefully not!


  14. This is a great shop and so deserving of this spot!!!

  15. Such great photos for this shop! And this is a really nice - and nice looking - blog!
    - Edra (fourstoryvintage)

  16. Love this feature and the fun this sweet girl is having!

  17. So sweet! God luck! I will post this blog on my Fb page!

  18. Love this! Thanks for sharing, I will repost on y Facebook page


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