Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dorothy Days Item of the Week

Hi everyone :),

Thought I would share with you all my item of the week for this week. This week my favourite item in my shop is this beautiful violet tea set / teacup trio

It comes with a beautiful tea cup, saucer and cake plate which would be perfect for afternoon tea especially in this beautiful weather we have been having recently! The set is made from English bone china and has gilt edges which make it really delicate and elegant.

The Techniques:
1) Gilding is the method of applying gold to an object, in this case the rim of the tea cup, saucer and cake plate. This has the effect of sparkling slightly in the light and really makes this an elegant piece.

2) The set is made from bone china Bone china is a difficult type of china to work in and is labour intensive but the results mean that the china has a beautiful translucence and whiteness and is also stronger and more chip resistant than other forms of porcelain china. The technique was developed in England first by Thomas Frye in 1748 and then perfected by Josiah Spode between 1789- 93. Up until the end of the 20th century was almost exclusively an English technique. It is a lovely material to drink out of and the tea cups made in this china also look wonderful as display pieces.

The motif is violets/ viola and the purple flowers are really striking and dainty at the same time which matches the dainty material. I love this color purple, I think it is one of my favourite colours.

Hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and learnt a little bit about this little tea cup. You can find it here in my shop.

The Dorothy Days (Vintage and Handmade from England) X


  1. You know I have got about 10 or 15 of these kind of tea sets that I inherited from my grandma. And I love them. I am glad to see that I am not the only one :)

  2. What a charming violet tea cup set!

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments :).
    CW- Vintage teacups are just so lovely aren't they, especially when they have a story behind them such as being inherited from your grandma. I have a few which have been given to me by older members in my family and I really treasure them.

  4. I adore violets and tea sets - this is just perfect!

  5. We love this violet colour! The plates are so pretty, and the pattern is perfect for an outside brunch. There's nothing that compares to a piping hot cup of tea in a fine bone China cup - so satisfying!

  6. Beautiful! Violets remind me of my Grandmother... had a windowsill FULL of them but she'd never let me water them. lol
    Found you via Friday Blog Hop!


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